High Performance Yachts

“To surprise, amaze and convince with breathtaking innovations, superior Dutch quality and tailormade solutions in pursuit of the perfect yachting experience for each individual client.”

That is and has been our mission since the launch of the first Bronson in 2008. We build yachts for clients, not markets. For customers who appreciate our passion and proven ability to build a yacht of unsurpassed quality.

A yacht that delivers the exact yachting experience the client had in mind when the search for a yacht began.

Mission and madness

“It’s the missions that keep us alive”, is a famous quote by the legendary Charles Bronson. And so is “Madness is forever”… It inspired us back in 2008 for our aluminium product range of radically new and “out-of-the-box” high performance yachts. And thus Bronson Marine was born, as a subsidiary of Steeler Yachts.

In 2012 mission and madness came together in the revolutionary Bronson 36. It was the first yacht that featured foldable sidewings on the rear, transforming the cockpit into a private island. A stunning innovation that turned all heads on Ibiza.



Setting the reference

That same year Bronson was chosen as the sole supplier for VIP tenders in London at 2012 Olympics, carrying world leaders, captains of industry and royals accross the river Lee to the Olympic stadium.

Many innovations followed and in 2017 and 2021 Bronson was elected finalist in the prestigious European Powerboat Of The Year. In 2020, the Bronson 50 was elected winner of the Dutch Powerboat Of The Year.


Built to outperform

All yachts are built in aluminium, the construction material of choice for Superyachts. The advantages of aluminium over GRP are numerous: stronger, torsion free, more stable, less maintenance, higher gloss and most of all, safer and more comfortable. In addition, aluminium allows for a custom-made production process. Contrary to the constraints of GRP moulds, each aluminium yacht is built from a construction drawing that can be adapted for each individual client.


Look beyond the standard

At Bronson we see every new build yacht as a challenge to exceed our own meticulous standards. Creating a bespoke yacht that meets the needs and desires of demanding clients always leads to new solutions. And the excitement of seeing these ideas come to fruition is why each project is such a pleasure for all involved.

Are you inspired to look beyond the standard? Share your ideas with us and let’s start writing your own Bronson story.

A Superyacht Experience

The international awards are convincing evidence that Bronson is making a real difference in an industry dominated by standardisation and cost efficiency. It means that our individual approach driven by innovation and quality is not merely the domain of superyachts.

At Bronson, we deliver a Superyacht Experience to all of our clients!

Your definition of the ideal yachting experience drives our production process, to deliver a personalized Bronson that can only belong to one client: you.

Bronson 50