Custom choices

Custom made is our standard

Steeler Yachts has an exceptional number of repeat clients, thanks in part to our distinctively personal approach. We live up to our promises and understand that all clients are unique individuals with unique requirements. Limiting our production to bespoke projects allows us to give our full attention to you as a client throughout the design and construction process.

You choose

The ideal yacht does not exist because it’s is only part of an overall experience which involves people, surroundings, the weather and other parameters. Those who know their own mind and preferences, however, will be aware of what the perfect boating experience ‘feels’ like for them and their family when all the right conditions are in place. That’s why every Steeler is custom-made and carries the unique signature of her owners.

The word ‘customisation’ is much used in the yachting sector but rarely accurate. When we talk custom at Steeler we’re not referring to the colour of your upholstery or the brand of your oven. We believe that you deserve to have your boat built in the way you wish it. Apart from your house perhaps, your yacht is likely to be the largest purchase you make so why should you settle for standard solutions?

65 S Long Range

Hearing between the lines

Don’t listen to that those who say ‘we’ve already designed the perfect boat for you.’ That’s simply impossible until you’ve sat down and explained everything you need and desire. At Steeler your story starts with a listening ear as we carefully take into account your personal experiences and specific wishes while exploring smart solutions to each challenge that arises.

Sometimes this listening involves ‘hearing between the lines’, recognising what’s not being said as much as what is. We believe that the personal understanding between client and yard is a major asset when it comes to enhancing the build efficiency. The design and construction process is a genuine collaboration, with the skills and experience of the builders constantly adding to the inventive mix.

That’s why this understanding usually evolves into a genuine personal relationship, adding to the pleasure of creating a Steeler. And that’s why so many owners become ambassadors for our brand, often returning themselves for a second or third Steeler. Everyone at our yard is grateful for the commitment of these clients and the enormous contribution they have made to the Steeler success story.

Is custom more expensive?

Sometimes, yes. Like with any product, it’s always cheaper to press the repeat button. But the passion you will feel at Steeler is because we’re building something new each time. You can sense the difference from the atmosphere at yards which build series boats where the staff do the same thing day in, day out. With a custom build at Steeler, everyone involved goes that extra mile and further in terms of creativity and excellence. There is obviously a major difference in the end result and Steeler clients are prepared to pay a little extra as they receive so much more in return.

Our naval architects love working out the design together with our clients and you can often see virtually the entire boat on the computer screen before construction begins. Once the choices have been made a very efficient building process kicks into gear… This highly disciplined way of working also has positive effects on keeping costs down and ensuring the on-time delivery for which Steeler is renowned. Ultimately, your small additional investment in your pleasure will be easily worthwhile – and earned back in resale value when the time comes to sell.