Design & comfort

Beauty meets comfort

Ever asked yourself why beautiful boats are often so impractical to sail and why more practical yachts seem so unattractive? From the moment Steeler Yachts was founded we set out to end this contradiction once and for all, building the finest looking and most user-friendly motoryachts available today. This interface between beauty, design, quality and comfort is at the heart of the Steeler success story and one of the reasons why owners love spending so much time on their yacht, quietly enjoying the admiring glances on the way.

See and be seen

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, they say. As you peruse the pages of this website, take time to study the images. Examine the exterior lines and you’ll understand why owners love the way their Steeler looks, appreciating the elegant, timeless and distinctive design. The masterful mix of interior comfort, luxury and well-being all make owning a Steeler yacht immensely enjoyable, which is why our clients go sailing more often than owners of other motoryacht brands. They also spend lengthier periods onboard and keep their Steeler for longer.

Optimise performance

In addition to pure aesthetic considerations, the Steeler design philosophy revolves around making fast boats that truly stand out from the mass-produced series boats on offer elsewhere. This is why we offer such a unique custom-made approach. You spend a lot of money on your boat and should be able to decide what it looks like and what features she has on board. Steeler yachts also lead the way in areas such as efficiency and fuel consumption… Everything is designed to offer you the best possible performance.

Enhanced comfort

Design at Steeler also revolves around making your life totally comfortable onboard, offering you a full range of solutions to the minor irritations that can spoil people’s fun on lesser boats. Examples include the hydraulic bathing platform, the way that our propellers are protected in shallow waters, the side door in the wheelhouse, the option for an elevator, the glass roof over the dining area and the use of frameless glass to ensure seamless panoramic views. These and many other smaller features make the Steeler sailing experience a genuine pleasure at all times, enabling you to cruise for longer and make the most of the best time of your life.

Future thinking

Making the most of the fast pace of technological developments, we design every Steeler to be as future-proof as possible. The propulsion and technical systems on each new build incorporate the smartest solutions, just one of the many reasons why Steeler yachts hold their value so much better than our competitors. And because we value the waters in which we all sail as much as you do, a strong emphasis is placed on sustainability. For instance, performance is coupled with a remarkably low fuel consumption of up to 40% less than similarly sized planing yachts. This is just one of the many benefits of our revolutionary S-design hull, which you can read more about here.