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Bronson Supertenders

The power, the looks and the comfort

The Bronson ethos revolves around a distinctive blend of ascetics, performance and comfort that you won’t find elsewhere. From the Olympic Games in London to twice being nominated Powerboat of the Year, this is a brand that has totally transformed the way people see the luxury tender market.


An end to compromise

When you buy a sports car you choose for elegance and power – and expect to make sacrifices in terms of comfort. The same used to apply to sports boats too. But at Steeler we believe in asking the questions others prefer to ignore… Like, why should you go out on the water in your cool-looking, fast-driving launch and not be able to take certain family members or friends with you because the necessary accommodation and facilities have been forgotten?

Don’t get us wrong: the Bronson brand still exudes sporty glamour and offers an aggressively powerful performance. This is not a launch made for ambling along rivers on a Sunday afternoon (although you could do that if you choose of course, it’s your boat!).

At the heart of the Bronson revolution, however, is a degree of comfort that will truly surprise you and those who are lucky enough to step on board. That’s the principle that has underlain the design and construction of these custom-made powerboats over the past decade and more. We sold the first one in 2008 and that original owner loves his Bronson so much that he still has her today.

Making history

In 2011 we added a new dimension to the Bronson experience by becoming the first boat maker on the market to offer foldable rear side bays. Now you can turn your Bronson into a pleasure island in the sun! What’s more, we created special foldable deck furniture and accessories that you can conveniently conceal under the hatches and use depending on which type of group you’re going out to play with. Simply open the hatches and take out what you need, from scuba-diving equipment to a deck shower and some seriously cool loungers.

In 2012 the Steeler B36 was nominated Dutch Powerboat of the Year and we supplied 22 VIP Bronsons as tenders to the Olympic Games in London. The developments continued apace and in 2017 the Steeler B34 was nominated European Powerboat of the Year for an entirely new level of performance, efficiency, interior space and build quality in the class up to 35 ft. In 2019 we took our operations to new heights with the sensational Steeler B50, which again breaks all the rules with its awesome split-level cockpit and cabin.

The Bronson success template has been copied often in recent years… But nothing else even comes close to making life on the water this much fun. The best way to find out why is to drive one of your own.