ICONIC DA 75 Beachclub

The ICONIC DA 75 Beachclub

You probably fancy a Dutch American for her stunning design, but more space would be perfect for you?
The ICONIC DA 75 Beachclub is developed to bring the Dutch American heritage to the next level with a plethora of options…

The ICONIC DA 75 Beachclub
is under development for clients with an unlimited horizon.

Why 75 Beachclub ?

The ICONIC DA 75 Beachclub gives direction and is defined by power and speed.

And excactly that is the aim for this superyacht.

She will be developed to appeal to clients who love the Dutch American’s for their stunning design, but need more space and accomodation for extended cruises anywhere.

A yacht that radiates her Dutch American heritage but taken to a next level for world travellers.